Additional Costs

Burial Ground Fee

Burial Ground Fees are not included in the price of our memorials, we will be invoiced for the fees when we have received permission from the cemetery to fix your memorial, we will add the fees to your invoice.
To find out the price of the fee please call us and we will be able to tell you the fee price as fees are not a standard price and vary from different councils.

Installation Cost

An installation cost of £99 will be charged for installation into the cemetery or churchyard. If the authority requires installation with an approved NAMM Ground Anchor System and additional £49 will be charged.


First 90 letters are free in Gold Leaf, Silver, Black or white and any other colour in paint.
Any letters over 90 will be charged at £1.95 per letter

Chippings / Kerbed Memorials

Green, White, Cobalt – £180 A reinforced concrete bed to BRAMM standards when supplied with a new standard size 6’6″ × 2’6″ memorial.

Removing an existing memorial

If there is already an old memorial at the plot and you are replacing with a new memorial we charge £125 to remove a headstone and base or for a single kerbset we charge £245. All memorials will be took back to our workshop and we will de-face the stone before we dispose of.

Granite sub foundations

We also offer a granite foundation instead of a concrete foundation which benefits from lasting longer and is much easier to keep clean than the concrete foundation.
Up to a 2’6’’ headstone is £125.00
A 3’ headstone is £155.00