How long does the process take

Once you have contacted us by email or phone we will make your layout to show you how your stone will look. Then once you are happy with the layout of the memorial to show how the finished memorial will look, we then take a 50% deposited so we can then start processing your permit forms.

We estimated 12 weeks from when we have received the necessary permit to start the work. Once we have got the permit back from the cemetery or church we will contact you to let you know we can then start manufacturing you memorial.

Some orders will take less than 12 weeks and some may take longer, if your order is a non standard memorial it is likely it will take longer than the estimated time.

When you have placed your order, we will send you a copy of your layout for you to keep and a copy for you to sign to say you have approved the layout and are happy with the spelling and dates etc.. and the layout of your headstone. Also to say that you understand the timescale involved for manufacturing your chosen stone and installation.

When can a memorial be placed on a grave

The ground requires time to settle after a burial so it is important to wait before installing your memorial. A headstone can usually be erected on a grave six months after the last burial has taken place but a period of 1 year is most common.  If cremated remains are interred in a grave, a headstone may be fixed after 3-6 months, as the ground requires less settling time but this can vary. If you tell us which cemetery/crematorium your memorial will be installed in, we can find out the specific rules for you and advise accordingly.

What happens if someone else needs to be buried in the same grave at a later date

It is often the case that a couple will want to be interred in the same place. When this is the case we will lay out the lettering, designs and photos on your chosen memorial so that it leaves space for an additional inscription of similar size. A book memorial or triple heart is a great way to achieve this.

Can I place an order by email

Most of the order process can be carried out over the phone or by email. However, we do need the grave owners signature on the order form so we post these to your address with a pre-paid envelope for you to return the signed documents to us.

Which letter colour lasts longest

The letters for your inscription can be simply cut into the stone and left plain or they can be painted black, white, silver or gilded with gold leaf. They are all equally resillient to the weather but conditions will vary from location to location so the colour chosen should be based simply on personal choice. It is also worth noting that lettering which is placed on flat surfaces (ie on the top of a headstone base) will weather more quickly than those on the face of the headstone.

Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom

You are welcome to drop by and see us if you happen to be in the area but we prefer customers to make an appointment if possible. That way we can make sure there is a member of staff available to help you for as long as you need.

Costs and Payment

Is the price all inclusive

The price shown includes the memorial, lettering (90 Free letters)

Installation in the cemetery/churchyard costs £99

If an approved NAMM ground anchor system is required by the authortiy an additional £49 will be added to the installation cost.

The cemetery/churchyard/relevant authority eg. Council will charge a fee for the memorial to be placed.

Additional costs that may be incurred include;
Any additional letters over the free 90
Removal of any existing memorial
Bespoke sizes
Kerbset chippings
Additional designs etc.

Please see our “Additional Costs” section.

Your free detailed quote will show all fees and itemised costs so you know exactly what it will cost before placing an order.

How much is the cemetery fee

Cemetery or Crematoria fees are not a standard price but if you tell us the grave location details we will be able to find out for you. Alternatively the cemetery would be able to give you the information directly if you prefer to call them yourself.

Once you have placed an order, the process of obtaining a permit is carried out by us on your behalf and is generally straightforward.

Can I buy my memorial online

Memorial Perfection believe that purchasing a memorial headstone is such an important decision that it is not suited to an online ‘add to basket’ type of purchase. There are also many variables in the process which will affect your order, for example what is allowed by your particular cemetery and whether your inscription will fit on the memorial you have chosen.

It is possible to order over the phone or by email using the details on our Contact Page where our staff will be able to help and advise you.

We also offer a home visit service which is completely free of charge and obligation. One of our knowledgeable staff will visit you in the comfort and privacy of your home to help you to choose a design, decide on an appropriate wording and answer any other questions you may have.

Any administration or correspondence with local authorities, cemeteries or church authorities is dealt with by Memorial Perfection on your behalf – you will not have to worry about this aspect of the process.

Style and Design

Can I order a different size memorial

Standard overall height for most memorials are 2ft 6″ or 3ft but we can customise our designs to whatever size or material you need, subject to availability and approval by the cemetery. The prices in our memorial range are just for the sizes/materials shown but contact us for a quote if you need something different.

Can I design my own memorial

If the particular shape or style of memorial you would like is not in our collection, we will be happy to work with you to create something bespoke. Whether it is just swapping one type of vase or grave statue for another or creating a whole new design, we have the expertise to guide you through it. Call or email us to discuss in more detail.

Can I have a particular memorial in a different colour or stone

Most of our memorial designs can be manufactured in a different colour/material to that shown. See our Materials & Finishes page for more information on what is available. There may be some restrictions placed on your choice of material by the cemetery or churchyard. We will be able to advise you about that once you tell us where your loved one is to be interred. The price for memorials made from non-standard material will vary from the ones shown on our website so please contact us for a quote.