Materials And Finishes



Granite is a stunning natural stone, especially when polished. It is a very dense, hard stone making it hardwearing and long lasting. It comes in many colours including black, red, blue and grey. It is the most durable stone of all and very suitable for the British weather. Granite can be polished or honed. Polishing the granite brings out the true beauty and deep colours of the stone. Honed granite is not polished, it is slightly rougher to the touch and is non reflective making it suitable for most churchyards.


Light Grey

Blue Pearl

South African Dark grey

Bahama Blue

Galaxy Black

Balmoral Red


Ruby Red

Karin Grey


White in colour, veined with blue/grey markings. Always given a finely rubbed finish which is very smooth but never polished.




All areas of the memorial are polished. Which is suitable for almost every cemetery.


A honed finish is the opposite of polished as it is non reflective and is suitable for most churchyards.

Part Polished

The face of the memorial and top of the memorial base will be polished and the sides and back of the memorial will be honed

Rustic edges

A rustic edge finish is one that has been obtained by using a bolster and hammer which gives a rough finish to the memorial. This can be done to most memorials.